Pricing Guide: The AUD prices below are approximate. For specific questions and price quotes/estimates, feel free to get in touch by emailing or by calling/texting us. Note: We ship seat skins, foam kits etc. to all over Australia from New Zealand. Foam kits will be vacuum packed for shipping. Express delivery/Signature/freight insurance optional.

Updated: Jun 1st, 2024.

Seat Skin AND Seat Foam BundleFRONT Set From:FULL Set From:
Vinyl (locally sourced)$1600.00$2500.00
Vinyl (imported), Cloth, Leather, OtherPlease inquirePlease inquire
Seat Trim KitsFRONT Set From:FULL Set From:
Valiant Charger / Hardtop / Sedan locally sourced vinyl seat skins$1000.00$1500.00
Valiant Charger / Hardtop / Sedan auto leather seat skinsNA$3000.00
Valiant vinyl / cloth seat skins (US-imported fabrics)$2300.00$3400.00
OtherPlease inquirePlease inquire
Seat Foam / Seat SpringsFRONT Set From:FULL Set From:
Seat foam kit $700.00$1100.00
Seat springsPlease inquirePlease inquire
Matching Door CardsFRONT Set From:FULL Set From:
Vinyl covered door cards (locally sourced materials)NA$850.00
Leather covered door cardsNA$1300.00
Door cards trimmed in US-made vinyl/clothNA$1500.00
Note: 1) Importing US-made materials may attract additional costs (i.e. customs levies and taxes). 2) Our door trims are reproduced to factory designs as close as possible and are not heat pressed.