We enjoy working on cars. We enjoy making cars beautiful AND comfortable.

We first started by trimming seats for Valiant customers in the South East of Melbourne.

Why Choose Hot Rod Trim?

The Making of Seat Trim Kits:

Equipped with multiple industrial sewing machines, we sew all of our seat skins in-house, using locally produced / available materials and US-imported materials where required.

The Foaming:

From scratch, we reproduce factory spec foam kits, which means our foam kits look and feel plusher and more comfortable than re-used/reconditioned 40+ year old foam.

The Lot:

Armed with all the correct tooling, we recondition bent, broken, rusty, car accident damaged seat frames. With care and professionalism, we install brand new foam and seat skins onto your seats. The end result is impressive, immaculate and comfortable seats.

Being a small business, we can really focus on the needs of our customers. Without huge overheads, we can pass the savings onto you.

At Hot Rod Trim, we remain competitive, innovative, and most importantly, we understand your requirement to have the highest quality and best-looking seat upholstery.

Our current sewing room in action!