Valiant VH Charger Base Model Seats

The base model seats are of the “tomb stone” shape, which do not recline like the regular Charger seats. But because they flip/tilt forward still, they have been fitted inside various Chargers, hardtops and utes over the years as people keep these cars running.

What’s different about these seats?

  • The construction of these seats is very different to regular Charger seats. The tome stone shape and the way seat springs are done by factory means seat trim and foam made for regular Charger seats will not fit these tome stone seats.
  • These are called base model seats because they are much more light weight. There is less steel and fewer springs, and there is no reclining mechanism compared to the other models. The installation of seat skins is much simpler because there is fewer listing wires used. That said, the fitting of seat skins can still be tricky, because the skins are like a tight jacket (with no zips!) that has to fit over the frame plus foam, all while putting hog rings onto the listing wires for that beautiful bolstered look.
  • The back seat of a base model is basically the same as other VH Chargers. If unsure, feel free to check with us before purchasing any seat trim / foam.
  • As Charger and hardtop seats rust away on a paddock somewhere, good usable seats are becoming much harder to find as we all know. These seats are still a good option for any Charger. The retrim cost is a little bit lower than the other models because the seat foam and skins are a little bit quicker / easier to make. Costs of servicing / reconditioning the seat frames and of fitting the seat trim vary.

We offer the seat skins and matching seat foam for these seats. The most common / basic option is to retrim / recover in black Chrysler vinyl with a slight contrast vinyl for the pleated seat inserts. However, if you wish for a different colour or vinyl grain, or even leather for the upgraded luxury, we will happily do this for you. New foam is always recommended. We also restore seats by checking that all broken or fatigued seat springs get replaced (we make these ourselves as most springs are not readily available). Properly fixed seats means you will enjoy driving your car so much more…