Once upon a time, old car seats only needed new seat skins fitted over old foam to look good again.

Today, our own experience and also that of our customers inform us that it is simply not good enough to keep re-using old seat foam. Some common problems of uncomfortable seats include:

  • broken / fatigued / stabbing seat springs
  • crushed / flattened / ripped / water, sun, rat etc damaged foam
  • bent / broken seats due to historical accidents

Our Seat Restoration Process:

We thoroughly inspect frames and springs for damage and carefully repair any cracks or metal fatigue, replace sagging or broken springs and check alignment before sandblasting/cleaning, and finally apply paint to steel frames. Then we replace worn bolster, foam, listing wires and fit brand new covers and get them back to you to install in your own car.

Welding a cracked seat frame
Welding a Cracked Seat Frame

Why Do Our Seats Look So Good? Because we insist on properly restoring the seats: i.e. repairing and / or strengthening the seat frames, making new seat springs and foam where required, and investing the time and effort into making the seats look and feel like they have come out of the factory all over again.

New Seat Springs

VH Pacer Retrim – One new seat spring has been replaced in the seat base.

A lot of old car seats have very worn out springs – broken or fatigued. Even new foam / skins won’t fix saggy seats! This is why we always recommend seat foundations be looked at and fixed properly before new foam and trim get fitted.

XB Coupe – Old saggy seat vs Newly trimmed seat with new seat springs.

Comfortable seats are not just about the skins. We once did a road trip in a car with shockingly uncomfortable Recaro seats, which meant we couldn’t wait to get home from the trip! We later stripped the seat down and worked out what was wrong with it. Making changes to the frame and then the foam meant we could do longer and more enjoyable road trips in this car.

XB Coupe Seat – We replaced two new zig zag springs in this seat base.

New Seat Foam

Comfortable Seats That Look Right and Feel Right…